Concentrated Cleaner with Gain Original With the scent of Gain for a clean that’s as fresh as any of Mr. Clean’s 136 white T-shirts. 00037000888666
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Concentrated Cleaner with Gain Original

Concentrated Cleaner with Gain Original Mr. Clean® knows the importance of not only looking great, but smelling great, too. That’s why he added the scent of Gain to his Concentrated Cleaner.

  • Double the cleaning power*
  • Auto-stop cap ensures not a single drop gets wasted.
  • Dilute it in water or apply directly to a sponge or surface.
  • *per drop vs. Mr. Clean 40 oz.



To dilute, 1 squeeze per 1 gallon of water. The auto-stop cap allows you to squeeze firmly until flow automatically stops.

For heavy soils squeeze twice. No need to rinse.

To apply straight from the bottle, gently squeeze small amount directly on sponge or surface. Rinse with water.


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