Mr. Clean Household Cleaning Products

Mr. Clean Household Cleaning Products
Recomended Product
My new Liquid Muscle is exactly what it sounds like. It practically does the work for you!
- New formula has 2.5X more power in every drop*
- Auto Stop cap pours just the right amount so less is wasted

* based on cleaning ingredients vs. Mr. Clean 40oz
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This was a hoot! Thanks for having me! Any questions before I get back to erasering my baseboards? #PGBestForMe
Clean Book Clean Book
Visit my CleanBook and help me finish my book about everything my Magic Eraser can clean!
Went for a jog this morning and my feet got wet. Time for new kicks I guess. Which ones should I get?
A special thank you to some friends who helped me put this video together to show you how amazing my Liquid Muscle all-purpose cleaner is. — Mr. Clean