Okay, first question: is the Magic Eraser really magic?

No. But it cleans so well that it makes you wonder.


How does it work, then?

The Magic Eraser doesn't need harsh chemicals - it's water-activated. So you just wet it under the tap and then swipe away the dirt and grime and grease and whatever else you can find.


So it's just an ultra-powerful sponge?

It might look like a sponge, but it's actually more like a really, really, really (really) fine scrubber.
Here's what it looks like up close. Weird! So while it cleans counters and walls and all sorts of stuff without much effort, you wouldn't want to use it on your skin or really glossy surfaces, like the hood of your car.


What kind of surfaces can I clean?

That's the thing - there are so many surfaces, even I don't know them all. I know that it works best on hard surfaces, like countertops, tabletops, floors, doors, walls, baseboards, and appliances. But it also works on all kinds of other surfaces like soap scum in your tub, splatter stains in your microwave, the rubber on your sneakers…I could go on and on, but there are way too many to list here.


Why all the different versions?

Each Magic Eraser has a different specialty. I always have at least one of each so I’m ready for anything! Read on to see how each Magic Eraser works differently to tackle a different area of your home.


    This is the one that started it all. It looks like a sponge, but cleans like a sponge that had a magic cleaning spell cast on it by a really powerful wizard. Just wet and swipe and then you'll probably say something like, "Wow, that was really easy!"


    All the stain-removing, grime-fighting, grease-busting power of the original Magic Eraser, only 50% stronger! So it can hold up to tough messes better and lasts longer before you need to replace it.


    The Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber has a built-in soap scum dissolving cleanser that cleans 3X more soap scum per swipe*, so you can tackle the whole bathroom with less elbow grease. And who wants grease when you're trying to clean? Nobody, that's who.

    *vs. the leading bleach all-purpose spray cleaner


    With the grease-fighting power of Dawn®, the Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber removes 3X more greasy kitchen mess per swipe than the leading all-purpose bleach cleaner. I originally wanted to name it the "Magic Eraser Super-Degreasing Mess-Obliterating Kitchen Scrubber", but there wasn't enough space on the box.


    The Select-A-Size is a giant Magic Eraser that breaks off into small, medium, and large pieces. Pick an eraser that matches the mess! Big mess? Take the big eraser! Small mess? Take the small eraser! Now you won't have to save your erasers for the bigger jobs alone – you can use just the right size every time!


    It's specially formulated to clean tough outdoor messes like grills, car rims, and tools. Just wet it under the faucet and swipe, or clean while it's raining for an entirely outdoor experience.*

    *That's a joke. Nobody wants to clean outside while it's raining.


    With an attachable handle, the Magic Eraser Handy Grip gives you better leverage to remove 4X more grime per swipe* so that you can clean with the whole eraser at once. What does that mean? That means you can clean super big messes like they're teeny tiny messes. And it comes in All-Purpose and Bath, so no big mess is safe.

    *vs. leading all-purpose bleach spray

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