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Clean Fingerprints Off Walls and Trim

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Little fingers can leave little marks all over your house. And, your walls are definitely not safe from collecting scuffs and fingerprints. So, you might find yourself questioning how to get grease off walls. Fortunately, Mr. Clean® is an expert when it comes to cleaning grease off walls! His Magic Eraser is uniquely designed to remove fingerprints on the wall using only a little bit of his legendary elbow grease. For fingerprints on walls, he recommends the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable. Ready to start the job? Just follow these two easy steps to remove grease stains from walls in a jiffy.


To get the benefit of all of the magic cleaning power built into the Magic Eraser Extra Durable, you need first to run it under water until it’s wet. Then, give it a couple of squeezes to pump out excess water so it doesn’t drip down your walls.


Now you’re ready to start removing grease from walls. All you need to do to channel Mr. Clean’s power is to lightly scrub the fingerprints that you’ve found around the home with the Magic Eraser. Just like that, the little fingerprints are virtually gone and the case is closed. See, getting grease off walls is easy! Since you’ve saved your walls from tiny grease marks, you’re ready to use your Magic Eraser Extra Durable for other cleaning projects around the home. Let Mr. Clean help clean marker messes, ceramic tile floors, dirty kitchen laminate cabinets, and so much more. He will have you believing in magic every day!
Test a small area with light pressure before use. Not recommended for the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel appliances, non-stick coating or vehicle body. Rinse required for surfaces in direct contact with food. Do not use with chlorine bleach or other household cleaners. Do not use on skin or other parts of the body. Using on skin will likely cause abrasions. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause eye irritation. Keep out of reach of toddlers and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.