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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ultra Bath is tailor-made for all the messes your bathroom can throw at it. No sponges or additional cleaning products needed. Just wet, squeeze, and erase bathroom messes with ease—even shaving cream, toothpaste, and makeup. This powerful bathroom cleaner cuts through soap scum on the first swipe, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time tubbing. It combines Magic Eraser power with active foaming cleansers, making tough bathroom messes in your tub, sink, shower, bathroom floor, and more no big deal. And you’ll love the fresh Lavender Febreze scent it leaves behind. Add Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ultra Bath to your arsenal of cleaning supplies today!

Illustrations of stove, bathtub, and mop
  • Use as a shower cleaner to cut through 100% of soap scum

  • Cleans your toughest bathroom messes*

  • Great as a bathroom floor cleaner and wall cleaner to erase tile grout grime

  • Fresh Febreze Lavender scent

  • All purpose cleaner combines the power of Magic Eraser + Active Foaming Cleansers to cut through cut through soap scum on the first swipe

  • Multi surface cleaner cleans all around the bathroom, from showers and bathtubs to sinks and more

  • To use, just wet, squeeze and erase!

  • Makes all your seasonal cleaning chores, like spring cleaning, a breeze

*# of swipes to fully clean will vary

A clean bathtubBATHTUB
A clean showerSHOWER
A clean shower glassGLASS
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Ultra Bath, cleaning dirty bathroom tiles, cuts Through 100% Of Soap ScumMr. Clean Magic Eraser Ultra Bath - A Whole Bathroom Clean