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Home Pro Cleaner with Febreze Meadows and Rain

When you’ve got big time messes you need a big time cleaner – Mr Clean’s Home Pro cleaning liquid with Febreze Meadows and Rain. It works all around the house on everything from linoleum, to tile & finished hardwood floors*, to toilets and bathtubs, and even garbage cans.

  • Also available in Antibacterial Summer Citrus scent.

*use diluted in room-temperature water only

Mr. Clean’s Home Pro with Febreze Meadows and Rain scent is an all purpose cleaner. Use it for:

• All around the house
• Cleaning your bathtub, shower and toilet
• Your floors
• Your countertops


Floors/Dilute Cleaning:

Mix ¼ cup per 1 gallon (1/2 bucket) of room-temperature water. Usually no need to rinse.

Tough Job:

Pour directly on tough soil or on sponge. Wipe and rinse with room-temperature water.

Finished Wood:

Use diluted only. Not recommended for carpets, copper or aluminum surfaces.


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Awesome cleaner

I am very impressed with this cleaner you have a new loyal customer . Good job!

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Chicago, Illinois
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I put 3 cleaners to the test.

I did a science experiment on Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Essential Everyday Bleach, and OnGuard Essential Oil. Mr. Clean was by far the worst and showed bad results. It almost looked the same as the control which had nothing extra cleaning supplements.

Not Recommend Product


mrclean The Mr. Clean Team 04/02/18

It’s so important to us that your always have a great experience with our products, and we’d like to see how we can help. There are some factors that can effect performance, including; Not using the correct amount of cleaner when diluting, Not rinsing after using product full strength, Temperature of solution when using in dilution is too cool, or hard water, as it can reduce effectiveness of cleaners. We’d like to gather some more details so we can find the best solution for you, please give us a call at (800) 867-2532.

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Spring Branch
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My house looks and smells incredible!

I love this product! I use it on all my counters, bathroom areas, wooden window sills and baseboards. Hours later, it still keeps smelling lemony fresh! I always get compliments on the smell, as well as how clean my home is! This is by far my favorite product! On another older cat, Ms. Crystal, has had a few accidents on the tile flooring, but with a quick cleaning of this product, no one would ever know and the smell is gone in seconds! Thank you for keeping this available!

Yes, I recommend this product!