Magic Eraser Power Wipes

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For a heavy duty clean in hard-to-reach places, there's nothing quite like Magic Eraser Power Wipes.

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Magic Eraser Power Wipes

Muscle out grime in nooks and crannies, hard to reach corners, and more. Ideal for scrubbing greasy stove tops, tough stains in microwaves, grimy fridge handles, hard water spots and stains on sinks and faucets, in the bathroom, and even more! For when cleaning spray and wipes won't cut it.

Illustrations of stove, bathtub, and mop
  • The ease of a wipe with the power of a Magic Eraser

  • Wipes are thin and flexible to help you get a deep clean in hard-to-reach places

  • Works with water alone

Magic Eraser Sheets are great for cleaning:
  • Greasy stovetops

  • Tough stains on microwaves

  • Grimy fridge handles

  • Hard water spots and stains on sinks and faucets

Try block Magic Erasers for larger messes


Wet with water & squeeze, erase, toss

  • Do not reuse or refill container except with this product.

  • If not refilling, rinse bottle and discard in trash or recycle.

  • Store in a cool place.

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