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Multi-Surface Cleaner with Gain Original Fresh Scent

Mr. Clean’s Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaner with Gain® scent helps you power through dirt, grease, and grime, all while experiencing your favorite Gain Original Fresh scent. It works all around the house on everything from linoleum, to tile & finished hardwood floors*, to toilets and bathtubs, and even garbage cans.

  • Other scents include Meadows & Rain with Febreze freshness, Gain Tropical Sunrise.
  • Mr. Clean is also available in the antibacterial product version: Mr. Clean Antibacterial Summer Citrus.

*use diluted in room-temperature water only.

Mr. Clean’s Multi-Surface Cleaner with Gain Original Fresh scent is an all purpose cleaner. Use it for:

  • All around the house
  • Cleaning your bathtub, shower and toilet
  • Your floors
  • Your countertops


Floors/Dilute Cleaning:

Mix ¼ cup per 1 gallon (1/2 bucket) of room-temperature water. Usually no need to rinse.

Tough Job:

Pour directly on tough soil or on sponge. Wipe and rinse with room-temperature water.

Finished Wood:

Use diluted only. Not recommended for carpets, copper or aluminum surfaces.


  • Do not reuse or refill container except with this product.
  • If not refilling, rinse bottle and discard in trash or recycle.
  • Store in a cool place.


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Does this work against COVID-19?

I use this product often but wondering if it works against viruses, including those that cause COVID-19, colds, and flus?

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Arlington, VA
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Not a disinfectant

It is listed as anti-bacterial and limits that to gram negative bacteria. which include many household bacteria. However, since it is not listed as disinfecting like Clorox or Lysol wipes or sprays, very unlikely it would qualify.

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Houston Texas
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We need to know

The question is being asked over and over. Does it disinfect? There is never a clean yes or no. What percentage of germs will it kill?

Not Recommend Product


The Mr. Clean Team 04/06/20

Our Antibacterial Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaner Summer Citrus kills up to 99.9% of bacteria. It kills Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, and Proteus mirabilis in 10 minutes, and is effective against Gram-negative bacteria. If you ever have questions about our products, please give us a call at (800) 867-2532.