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Tidy Up Your Tile Floor

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From the kitchen to the bathroom, your tile floors get a lot of foot traffic – and gather a lot of dirt in the process. That’s where Mr. Clean® comes in. He’s dedicated his whole life to finding the best way to clean tile floors, countertops, sinks and more. And, he loves sharing his legendary cleaning skills with you. Whether you’ve got dirty footprints or general dirt buildup, when it comes to cleaning tile floors, Mr. Clean has your floor. He knows how to clean tile floors in your kitchen or bathroom quickly and effectively with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath with Febreze Lavender Scent. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have clean tile floors in a jiffy.


Get all of your cleaning supplies in one convenient location. Since you’re cleaning the floor, it might be best to have them all by the door, so you don’t clean yourself into a corner and out of reach of your supplies. Some of the things you’ll need for a good clean are a broom, a mop, a bucket, a sponge, and a bottle of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath with Febreze Lavender Scent.


Pick up big items, like stuffed animals or bath toys, from the floor. Then, use your broom to sweep away loose dirt or crumbs. Next, fill your bucket with a gallon of water (about half way) and add in ¼ cup of your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath with Febreze Lavender Scent. Mix it in and you’re ready to go!


Use your mop in steady figure 8 motions to give your tile floors a nice, fresh cleaning. Like all of Mr. Clean’s powerful products, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath with Febreze Lavender Scent. is strong enough to power through tough dirt and buildup, so you get all of the muscle of Mr. Clean with less of the work. Don’t worry about rinsing your floors, there’s usually no need! If there is stubborn buildup on your floor, pour undiluted cleaner directly on the soil or on a sponge. Then, wipe it down and rinse it off with some water. Have some stubborn scuffs on your floor? Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable to make them virtually disappear. Soon, your bathroom or kitchen tile will practically sparkle!

*Caution: Causes eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. *